North Omaha 2025

Yes, Omaha is on the move. It’s time to ACCELERATE the pace of TRANSFORMATION! The first phase of the North Omaha 2025 Initiative has officially launched.

The first phase of the North Omaha 2025 Initiative has officially launched. Building on seven years of collaborative efforts, the transformation initiative challenges leaders and residents to achieve visionary goals and objectives. The rest of 2014 and 2015 will provide the necessary time to finalize proposals based on current work, further alignment of large and small efforts, piloting a few of the newer initiatives and completing the identification of funding sources and raising of needed investments. The plan will go into full effect between 2016 and 2025.

Already ranked in the top five and top 10 in key categories, a collective vision, and mission of transforming Omaha into the number one city in the nation for employment, entrepreneurship, education, housing and quality of life has been set! Omaha will be the first city in the country to close long-standing gaps which have been traditionally and typically based on race and geographic segregation. While there is much work ahead, key trends are finally moving in the right direction. The nation is taking notice. Over 20 cities have expressed an interest in replicating work that is occurring in Omaha.

Our Vision:
To Unite and Transform Omaha into a GREAT city—thriving and prosperous, in every zip code and neighborhood. One. Great. Omaha!

The Empowerment Network in collaboration with residents, neighborhood associations, city, county, state and federal elected officials, faith leaders, community-based organizations, social agencies, governmental institutions, health providers, law enforcement, businesses and others have launched an initiative referred to as Transformation 2025.

The partners realize these objectives, and the goals will only be reached through collaboration, alignment and strategic reallocation of investments. The measurable goals:

  • 5,000 unemployed individuals connected to sustainable living wage jobs and careers
  • 250 new or expanded businesses
  • 90% graduate prepared for college and careers
  • 5,000 new or improved housing units in North and South Omaha
  • 90% safer and healthier community
  • 2,500 families lifted out of poverty
  • 250,000 tourists and visitors attracted to North and South Omaha to enjoy the arts, culture, business and entertainment opportunities.