7 Step Empowerment Plan

7 Step Empowerment Plan

1.  Employment and Entrepreneurship

Sustainable, Living Wage Work:
Everyone that wants a job or career has one and/or runs a successful business.

2.  Education and Youth Development

Graduate High School with a Marketable Skill and Prepared for Post Secondary, Career or Business Ownership.

3.  Sustainable Homes and Neighborhoods

Owning Homes and Live in a Healthy Mixed-Income Community

4.  Faith, Hope, and Community Engagement

Exposed to Message and Examples of Hope
through Active Community Engagement

5.  Violence Intervention and Prevention

Living in a Safe and Secure Community

6.  Health and Healthy Families

Living in a Strong and Healthy Family

7.  Arts, Culture, History, and Media/Communications

Residents have Easy Access to Culture, Arts, Media and Technology