Network Vision & Mission

The Empowerment Network has emerged over the past fourteen years as a catalyst for bringing together individuals and organizations to accomplish visionary and strategic objectives.


Omaha will be a GREAT city, in every zip code, by closing long-standing gaps in education, employment and entrepreneurship, housing, and quality of life, which have been traditionally based on race and geographic segregation.

The Empowerment Network collaborative model will be replicated across the country with strategic partners.


We Believe In:

  • Personal Responsibility (Individual Covenant)
  • Leadership Accountability (Leadership Covenant)
  • Comprehensive Collaboration (7 Step Empowerment Plan)

We address poverty, economic and educational gaps, and quality of life disparities by
Building Wealth & Income, Creating Strong Families, Preparing Successful Children and Rebuilding Thriving Neighborhoods. Specific strategies using our experiences from the past seven years are incorporated into the 7 Step Empowerment Plan. It is a holistic and comprehensive community building approach.

OBJECTIVES…Build Community Wealth and Ownership

1.Generate Multiple Incomes and Increase Business Ownership

2.Create Home Owners and Thriving Mixed-Income Neighborhoods

3.Build Safe, Strong and Healthy Families

4.Prepare Children for Success in College, Careers and Life