COVID 19 News, Updates and Community Resources

The Empowerment Network, Leaders, Advisors and North Omaha COVID 19 Task Force provide updates to the community each week. Hundreds of leaders and organizations are working together to implement solutions and provide needed resources.

The collaborative approach shows what is possible when all sectors of the community work together. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of residents including youth and adults have taken part in the community-based strategy over the years and now are working together to address issues regarding the COVID 19 Coronavirus.

The Network provides updates and links on a daily basis on the Empowerment Network facebook page.

Here's a link to the May 1 update for the Community.

Douglas County provides updates every day on the number of cases and tests.  Click on the image below for the most recent updates.



The Empowerment Network has provided an interactive tool to put the community resources at your fingertips. 

Click on the image below to access the
North Omaha Village Zone Map.



Working together to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and connecting the community to resources and opportunities.



1. Collaboration
2. Food and Basic Supplies
3. Health 
4. Employment and Financial Support
5. Housing
6. Safety, Justice and Advocacy
7. Entrepreneurship/Business Stabilization
8. Support for the Village.
          Voting.  Census.  Business Support.


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