Omaha Legacy Wealth Initiative

Program Overview:

The Legacy Wealth is a 6 month program to a better relationship with money for yourself, your family and your community.

Each month cohort members explore the elements of wealth to design a legacy wealth blueprint all their own.  The Omaha Legacy Wealth Initiative will include four intensives, online programming and exclusive events all tailored to elevating the standard of your personal business to wealth your way.

The Omaha Legacy Wealth Initiative is presented by Dr. Pamela Jolly, CEO of Torch Enterprises, Inc., and Willie Barney, President & Founder of the Empowerment Network.  The seven month program guides you to create, build and begin the implementation of a personal and professional legacy wealth blueprint and plan.

Dr. Jolly has developed a curriculum utilizing her patented approach presenter in her book, “The NarrowRoad.”  Dr. Jolly takes participants on a wealth journey which will allow each person to develop a plan for the “business of you” and the “business of us.”  You will define wealth in your way and develop a plan to impact generations to come.

Dr. Jolly and Willie Barney worked together to create the Omaha Legacy Wealth Initiative based on her book and the Network’s community-based collaborative approach and ownership-focused strategies.

Members from the first cohort were able to achieve positive, measurable outcomes:

  • Purchased homes and family real estate
  • Launched, expanded and purchased businesses
  • Improved and increased credit scores
  • Saved thousands of dollars
  • Engaged generations with building wealth
  • Worked together to publish a book

The next cohort is scheduled to start in January 2024.  The deadline to register is November 30, 2023.

Program Benefits for Participants:

  • Understand Your NarrowRoad Identity
  • Develop a Personal Understanding of Wealth
  • Define Wealth “Your Way”
  • Create an Individual Legacy Wealth Plan
  • Contribute to a Collective Community Legacy Wealth Plan
  • Gain tools to help you navigate your lifestyle and relationship with money to connect with purpose and maximize your financial future
  • Identify specific opportunities/projects for a Collective Wealth Investment
  • Receive coaching from national and local experts in the field of financial literacy, economic empowerment, and wealth-building
  • Form a network of like-minded individuals from your community for encouragement and accountability
  • Look further down the road and discover ways to prepare future next generations to maintain legacy wealth

Overview of Omaha Legacy Wealth Cohort 2024