Results and Impact



Over 700 organizations, businesses and churches and thousands of individuals have participated with the Network over the past seven years. The goal now is to expand these efforts, mobilize more individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses. Collaboration in the community is increasing.

Through collaborative engagement and alignment, partner agencies have developed and launched major collaborative initiatives focused on: Employment and Entrepreneurship; Education and Youth Development; Housing, Neighborhoods, and Transportation; Faith and Hope; Violence Intervention and Prevention; Health and Healthy Families; and, Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Communications

Elected officials are working together to change policy. Over 20 pieces of important legislation and ordinances have been passed that directly align with the Empowerment & Transformation Plans. 18 additional bills were introduced and passed in 2014 alone that support community progress. Ex: Prison Reform, Enterprise Zones, Ban the Box & others.

Working with Partners 10,000 and Raise the Vote!, over 13,000+ North Omaha residents have been registered to vote. The Network works with the Urban League, Voter Project, NAACP, Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, NONA, and others to continue this work.

Major initiatives and organizations were launched to fill gaps identified by the community –North Omaha Cradle to Career reaching thousands of students including 2,000+ African‐American males through the Omaha African‐American Male Achievement Partners; Omaha 360 Collaboration which has worked with thousands of individuals and their families; North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance which has worked with over 29 neighborhood associations; Alliance Building Communities which has developed new homes and invested to make the North Omaha Village Revitalization Plan possible.

The African‐American Professionals Network has been launched with over 400 participating. An important part of this is to connect college students, young professionals, business professionals, and others to overall community initiatives and help support career advancement. African‐American Young Professionals Initiative was launched, engaging hundreds of emerging leaders. The African‐American Leadership Conference & Luncheon has an annual attendance of over 600 emerging and seasoned African‐American leaders. The annual Empowerment Conference focused on capacity‐building, collaboration and strategic reinvestment connected with over 700 youth, leaders and residents in 2016.