Pamela C.V. Jolly

Pamela C.V. Jolly, Founder and CEO of Torch Enterprises Inc, brings more than 18 years of proven leadership and strategic management expertise; her primary focus is legacy wealth creation that passes on for generations.

Her company Torch Enterprises is a strategic investment firm focused on growing and sustaining minority-owned businesses. She is skilled at assisting legacy organizations across the country elevate their standard of business through strategic succession planning and practical application of business and financial acumen.

Since 2004, Torch has assisted over 1000 entrepreneurs and remains committed to raising capital and awareness for women and minorities desiring to build wealth via ownership. Pamela Jolly uses her extensive background in financial services, strategy, community development, and theology, to help minority entrepreneurs, and organizations succeed.

Pamela co-authored the strategic assessment for the rebuilding of the Greater New Orleans area post-Katrina, she also underwrote over $200 Million in support for municipalities rebuilding efforts in Mississippi. These two experiences sparked her desire to find strategic ways to rebuild communities with ownership and equity. Concerned with the low levels of financial and business acumen in our communities, Pamela set out to design a method to elevate the standard of business and legacy to wealth in the black community. After much study and research, Pamela launched the NarrowRoad™ in 2014. The NarrowRoad™ is a unique patent pending developmental methodology that infuses the cultural realities of people of color into the educational journey that elevates a business idea into an investable one. Pamela is a sought-after speaker both nationally and internationally, lecturing and advising businesses and leaders with her research and work in places such as Korea, China, Japan, Africa, the Caribbean, and most recently Oxford England. She inspires audiences around the country, at every level, to break through barriers and achieve great entrepreneurial success.

Pamela holds a B.S. From Hampton University, an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, a Masters in Theology from Boston University School of Theology, and is currently pursuing an Ed.D at the Graduate Theological Foundation. Most recently she completed a national study of behaviors and beliefs around wealth creation, ownership, faith, and entrepreneurship. Findings from this work were used to create The Narrow Road™ a unique method that assists individuals, entrepreneurs, and groups in navigating a path towards legacy wealth via ownership. Her book, highlighting the research behind The NarrowRoad™ will be released in 2014.

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