Omaha Legacy Wealth Initiative: Introduction

Introduction Letter from Dr. Pamela Jolly:

I am excited about your decision to join the journey of what will be an impactful seven months of your life.  How is this going to be impactful you ask? By the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021, you will have focused on building a better relationship with money and defined a path to pursue wealth for yourself.

We will do this by navigating beyond the wide gate of options onto the road to wealth narrowed by your legacy wealth choices. This journey focuses your efforts to define and pursue desired outcomes that are designed by you. Together we are navigating beyond roadblocks we all face when choosing the uncharted territory of wealth as a legacy.

The NarrowRoad experience I designed for the men, women, business owners, pastors and millennials of Omaha invites a select cohort willing to hold themselves and others accountable.  This journey is for a cohort of people who are eager to learn from and explore elements of wealth with experts to develop the confidence and capacity required to take full possession of the business of you.

So let’s talk about what’s coming up for you in this 7-month journey.

Step One: November/December
We will cast the vision for ourselves in three ways:

1.  Individually (time to get our minds, hearts, papers, and relationships in order)

2.  In specific segments of society (think men, women, professionals, millennials, pastors, etc.), and

3.  As a collective of community leaders that are already pursuing activities that lead to the best that is yet to come.

Step Two: January/February
We get strategic about what I call “The Business of You.”  Step Two is where the rubber meets the NarrowRoad™, a time of learning and exploring the best decisions; you must make based on the questions you have about your financial future.  Our team of experts will thoughtfully answer and advise on the specific topic areas that matter to you.  Together with a team of experts, we will explore:

1. Your Now: What is your current situation? What is working and what needs some work

2. Your Ongoing: What is the cost of being you?  How are your lifestyle choices impacting your “best that is yet to come”?

3. Your Next: What is your next milestone towards defining and building wealth for yourself? What is the best way to navigate the road to wealth to get there?

4. Your Long Term: How far down the road are you going?  What needs to be in place so that wealth your way is possible?

Step Three: March/April
We get specific about your action plan based on the decisions you made in Quarter 2. The Assignment in this quarter is to explore necessary steps to lock into a personalized roadmap to actualize the strategies you spent a whole quarter evaluating and creating.  We also examine the “Business of Us” to determine how our immediate and ongoing financial behavior can influence change in our community by exploring four key pathways the cohort can take to participate in community wealth-building opportunities.

Step Four: April/May
We determine the road ahead. This quarter is where the fun continues with a series of strategy sessions about collective investment and ownership with stakeholders in the community. And more.

Now we cover a LOT of information throughout the year, but we also take the time to ensure every member of the cohort gets what they need to succeed in pursuing wealth their way. The Business of You leads to a greater, more improved Business of Us.

You are the focal point in this cohort experience. After completing the application process, the next step is an interview with Dr. Pamela Jolly. You will receive an e-mail from Dr. Jolly after completing the application with more information to schedule your interview.

This cohort journey experience walks you literally through a process that when implemented, guides you to overcome confusion and grow your confidence in pursuing your wealth goals.  Learning the fundamentals of business and personal finance you will design a path you believe in to execute your very own NarrowRoad™ Legacy Wealth Blueprint.