Empowerment Community Challenge (Covenant)

Live Our Faith:
Join a family of faith and actively participate. Pray, study and apply what I learn. Actively discover and use my gifts and talents. Support the ministry with my time and resources. Support pastors and help the ministries tackle community issues.

Strengthen Our Families:
Create a safe and healthy environment that nurtures and sustains the spiritual, physical, emotional and economic needs of my family and community. Spend more quality time with my family. Develop and understand the benefits of healthy marriages and stable families. Support leaders and assist them with helping to create healthier African-American families.

Prepare Our Children:
Parents: Know what’s happening at school. Get involved. Attend Parent/Teacher conferences and volunteer at school. Read to children and have children read to you every day. Use available people and resources for help: Example: Library, Family, Tutors, Churches, etc.

Community: Get involved. Go to the classrooms. Volunteer to read to, tutor, and mentor kids. Encourage ACT preparation/practice. Attend board meetings and school functions.

Youth Development: Provide more opportunities and positive experiences for our youth. Employment, internships, vocational training, scholarships, etc.

Support leaders and assist them with making changes necessary to help improve the education of African-American children. (Example: Pushing for more funding for schools.)

Live the Covenant