Redefine the Game Institute Schedule & Structure


The virtual and in-person scheduled is tentative as we manage through COVID-19.  All sessions will be virtual until health guidance allows for in-person classes.


• In-Person Sessions: Dr. Randal Pinkett and Dr. Jeffrey Robinson
• Virtual Sessions: Dr. Randal Pinkett and/or Dr. Jeffrey Robinson
• Strategy Sessions: Damita Byrd, Willie Barney and local CEO’s and African-American Executives
• CEO Empower Talks and Engagement Conversations
• Coaching and Mentoring Circles

DATES AND LOCATIONS: The virtual sessions will be three hours in length.

Program Benefits to Participants:
• Achieve excellence in your current environment
• Identify your strengths and create a clear career development plan
• Prepare to access leadership development opportunities
• Connect with your community and expand your local and national network
• Gain insights and learn from internationally-respected instructors
• Receive coaching from Damita Byrd, Willie Barney, CEO’s and other African-American Executives
• Receive a personalized HBDI assessment with follow-up coaching sessions
• Tangible Outcomes
» Individual Development Plan
» Redefine the Game Action Plan
» Redefine the Game Institute Certification

Program Benefits to Companies:
• Increase employee and talent satisfaction and retention
• Offer national-level professional development
for your employees
• Strengthen your company pathways and pipelines
• Increase diversity at all levels of the organization
• Serve and reach new markets with the insights gained
• Increase profitability through diversity and equity
• Align employee resource groups to the business bottom line
• Your company will be recognized for offering
professional diversity and cultural training programs