Redefine the Game Institute Schedule & Structure



• In-Person Sessions: Dr. Randal Pinkett and Dr. Jeffrey Robinson
• Virtual Sessions: Dr. Randal Pinkett and/or Dr. Jeffrey Robinson
• Strategy Sessions: Damita Byrd, Willie Barney
and local CEO’s and African-American Executives
• CEO Empower Talks and Engagement Conversations
• Coaching and Mentoring Circles

DATES AND LOCATIONS: The virtual sessions will be one hour in length followed by mentoring and coaching discussions. Times and locations will be announced before the start of the program.

Program Benefits to Participants:
• Achieve excellence in your current environment
• Identify your strengths and create a clear career development plan
• Prepare to access leadership development opportunities
• Connect with your community and expand your local and national network
• Gain insights and learn from internationally-respected instructors
• Receive coaching from CEO’s and African-American Executives
• Tangible Outcomes
» Individual Development Plan
» Redefine the Game Action Plan
» Redefine the Game Institute Development Certification

Program Benefits to Companies:
• Increase employee and talent satisfaction and retention
• Offer national-level professional development
for your employees
• Strengthen your company pathways and pipelines
• Increase diversity at all levels of the organization
• Serve and reach new markets with the insights gained
• Increase profitability through diversity and equity
• Align employee resource groups to the business bottom line
• Your company will be recognized for offering
professional diversity and cultural training programs