Network Overview

The Empowerment Network has emerged over the past seven years as a catalyst for bringing together individuals and organizations to accomplish visionary and strategic objectives. The group has been successful in connecting groups and individuals from diverse backgrounds and rallying them around a common vision and mission. Significant milestones have been accomplished and the foundation is set for unprecedented collaboration and results. The Empowerment Network is a non-profit organization and received its 501 c 3 status in June 2010.

Strategies and plans have been developed in a number of areas including: community engagement; job development and training; education and youth development; business development and entrepreneurship; housing and neighborhood development; violence intervention and prevention; voter registration and participation; arts, culture, and history revitalization; and, communications and media expansion and enhancement.

The Empowerment Network is a collaboration of over 500 participating organizations and businesses, and a diverse group of individuals including elected and appointed officials, business executives, non-profit leaders, pastors and ministers, educators, violence prevention specialists, neighborhood leaders, community development experts, and residents.

The group has launched major initiatives including the Empowerment Covenant, Empower North Omaha!, Empower Omaha!, Omaha 360, North Omaha Village Zone, and the Rebuilding the Village Strategy – a comprehensive and coordinated approach to redeveloping targeted geographic areas in a holistic way.

A new model for community transformation has developed and continues to evolve.