Housing, Neighborhoods & Transportation

The Housing, Neighborhoods and Transportation Collaboration is focused on ensuring every person has a thriving home and neighborhood to live in. Most recently, this collaboration and the Empowerment Network partnered with MAPA to host one of many transportation forums to gather input from the community.


  • Home ownership: Address the mortgage and lending crisis, demolition of dilapidated homes; rehab of homes, address vacant lots
  • Mixed-Income Neighborhoods: Rebuild targeted communities, increase home ownership and create strong, active neighborhoods
  • Civic and commercial districts: Revitalize neighborhoods with business, retail, services and recreation
  • Improved transportation: Address transportation issues to improve access to work, school and support services
  • Environmental justice: Partner with efforts to address lead, water, waste and other environmental issues


Lead Partner: Omaha Economic Development Corporation

  • Omaha Economic Development Corporation
  • Holy Name Housing
  • North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance
  • Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
  • City of Omaha