Frequently Asked Questions About The Network


Who is the Empowerment Network?

The Empowerment Network is a collaboration of over 500 participating organizations and businesses, and a diverse group of individuals including elected and appointed officials, business executives, non-profit leaders, pastors and ministers, educators, violence prevention specialists, neighborhood leaders, community development experts, and residents.

The Empowerment Network has an organizational team, governing board, network leadership advisory group, community advisory group and transformation 2025 council. The team also facilitates collaborative efforts in the areas of employment, entrepreneurship, housing/revitalization, pastors and faith leaders, violence prevention, justice and arts/culture/media communications.

Is the Empowerment Network a non-profit?

Yes. The Empowerment Network is a non-profit organization and received its 501 c 3 status in June 2010.

What initiatives are some of the initiatives of the Empowerment Network?

Initiatives of the Empowerment Network include Omaha 360, Step-Up Omaha, North Omaha Village Zone, Omaha African American Male Achievement Collaboration, African American Young Professionals Engagement Initiative, African American Professionals Network and the Transformation 2025 Initiative.

What does the Network “do?”

Engage. Educate. Empower. We believe everyone must DO THEIR PART!

The Empowerment Network has emerged over the past seven years as a catalyst for bringing together individuals and organizations to accomplish visionary and strategic objectives. The group has been successful in connecting groups and individuals from diverse backgrounds and rallying them around a common vision and mission.

Significant milestones have been accomplished and the foundation is set for unprecedented collaboration and results.

The Empowerment Network team serves as catalysts, conveners, facilitators, strategists, advocates and fundraisers. In partnership with the community, the Network has identified priorities, goals, and benchmarks. The

Network is focused on connecting, communicating, coordinating, collaborating, creating, and celebrating towards measurable results. In addition, the Network generates and presents research, trends and statistical data; advocates on issues important to African-Americans, North Omaha residents and citizens of the Greater Omaha area; and, works to raise funds to implement community initiatives.

These 10 activities below were integrated into the Network’s action plan early in the development process in 2006.

Since that time, the Collective Impact concept has been advanced as a national model. Many of the same elements are contained within the Network’s framework. Collective Impact activities include: Guiding vision and strategy, support aligned activities, establish shared measurement practices, build public will, advance policy and mobilize funding. The Network is a backbone organization.

A. Empowerment Network Operational Activities:

  1. Connecting individuals and groups around a common vision and mission
  2. Communicating issues, opportunities and solutions–internally and externally
  3. Coordinating and aligning activities, events, and strategies – maximize resources and opportunities
  4. Collaborating with participants and partners – including community organizations, agencies, businesses, elected officials, residents, and faith-based institutions
  5. Creating new programs, projects or organizations to fill identified gaps
  6. Celebrating successes with the community to encourage more positive change
  7. Providing research and trend data to Network partners
  8. Advocating for African-Americans and those in need, especially those in poverty in Omaha
  9. Assisting African-Americans, North Omaha organizations and others with capacity-building and leadership development
  10. Share financial information about grant writing and fundraising opportunities; working with partners on grant writing and fundraising to support community development and revitalization efforts.

B. Empowerment Network Personal Responsibility and Collective Works Model:

  1. Engage and mobilize residents, leaders, & elected officials regularly and consistently on issues, solutions, decision-making, implementation and evaluation in a solution-focused environment; informal & formal commitment to the empowerment covenant
  2. Encourage active neighborhood involvement, engagement, and leadership
  3. Increase civic engagement – volunteering, service, mentoring
  4. Increase voter education, participation, and empowerment
  5. Support positive media outlets and balanced coverage of North Omaha & African-Americans
  6. Advocate for urban policies that support transforming the economic progress and quality of life in every zip code, by addressing economics, education, housing, health, and civil rights/justice

C. Empowerment Network Holistic, Comprehensive Vision and Model:

  1. Employment and Entrepreneurship – Every person has access to sustainable living wage work
  2. Education and Youth Development – Every child has a high quality education
  3. Housing, Neighborhoods, & Transportation – Every person has a thriving neighborhood to live in
  4. Faith & Hope – Every person has hope and the opportunity to reach their full potential
  5. Safe Communities – Violence Intervention and Prevention – Every person lives in a safe neighborhood
  6. Health & Healthy Families – Every person has a strong family, w/access to health care/healthy foods
  7. Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Communications – Every person is exposed to the best of our culture

How do I get involved?

  1. Do Your Part! Take the Challenge and Live the Covenant!
  2. Download, print and sign the Empowerment Challenge.
  3. Call our office at 402-502-5153 or e-mail

Major Meetings

Empowerment Network Community Meeting:
2nd Saturday of Each Month, Held at Omaha North High School from 8:45 am to 11:30 am

Omaha 360 Violence Prevention and Intervention Collaborative:
Every Wednesday, Held at Omaha Home for Boys – 52nd and Ames – from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Please contact the Empowerment Network for other meeting times, dates and other ways to get engaged.