The Employment & Entrepreneurship Collaboration is focused on ensuring every person has access to a sustainable living wage and work.

The collaboration birthed the revitalization of the great summer jobs program, now known as STEP-UP Omaha, worked with Revive Magazine to offer a monthly “business networking luncheon” for entrepreneurs, supports the work of the African American Young Professionals and African American Professionals Network and fueled the created of the Empowerment Network’s annual African American Leadership Conference, African-American Leadership Luncheons and North Omaha Holiday Boutique.


  • Summer jobs and internships: increase the Number of summer jobs and expand transitions to year-round education and employment
  • Targeted job training: implement category specific training and transitional jobs, moving towards sustainable living wage employment
  • Career development & advancement: Develop pipelines and pathways to middle and senior level employment and boards
  • Business Development: Recruit, develop, support and expand new and existing African-American and North Omaha businesses.
  • Wealth-building and contractor development: Develop and expand wealth-building and contract opportunities, training/bonding
  • Access to credit & capital: Develop new funds, opportunities, programs and initiatives to address access to credit and capital


Lead Partners:

  • Step-Up Omaha
  • Urban League of Nebraska
  • Omaha Economic Development Corporation
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Heartland Workforce Solutions
  • Metropolitan Community College
  • Omaha Small Business Network
  • The Start Center