Arts, Culture, Media & Communication

The Arts, Culture, Media & Communications Collaborative is focused on ensuring every person is exposed to the best of our culture and key technology. The collaboration created the North Omaha Arts Alliance and is credited for activities and events such as Christmas in the Village and Gospel in the Village.


  • Strengthen the African-American and North Omaha arts and culture community: establish and expand North Omaha Arts Alliance
  • Establish the arts industry as an economic engine: revitalize the 24th
  • Transition Malcolm X into an international attraction: Develop a cultural center with history, housing, business and youth development
  • Media and communications: Expand African-American and North Omaha media, establish positive relationships with major media


Lead Partners:

  • North Omaha Arts Alliance
  • Love’s Jazz and Arts Center
  • Malcolm X Foundation
  • Revive! Omaha Magazine
  • Surreal Media Labs
  • Omaha Star