EMPOWERMENT NETWORKCONNECT... bring groups and individuals together with a common purpose and plan.

Helped bring together over 500 organizations and 1,000's of participants;

Host and facilitate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings, summits, and conferences to bring together individual and organizations focused on empowerment, collaboration, and generating results;

Hosted State of African-Americans and North Omaha Summits to update the community on status and progress with over 800 total participants;

Raised awareness and gained commitments by meeting with city leaders, elected officials, business executives, faith leaders, and community organizations to discuss plans to improve the quality of life in Omaha;

Hosted the 2nd Annual Rebuilding the Village Conference, including 3 national speakers; George Fraser, Denise Gilmore, and Kenneth Dobson; Provided best practices on Rebuilding Neighborhoods, Cultural Districts, and the Green Economy with over 150 participants.

Partnered to host the National Stop the Violence Conference, including 3 national speakers and local specialists with over 100 participants;

Hosted the Violence Prevention Summit and Conference with over 150 participants; Partnered with other organizations to help reduce gun violence during the Summer of 2008;

Hosted the Unite and Rebuild North Omaha Community Summits with over 300 participants;

Hosted the Unite & Transform Empowerment Conference and Summit, featuring Shirley Franklin - former Mayor of Atlanta and CEO of Purpose Built Communities, on May 19, 2011. Over 400 partners participated.

Hosted the Education Super Summit with over 200 participants.

Hosted the Economic Summit including business leaders, elected officials, and non-profit sector leaders.