Upcoming Events

Major February Community Events

February 18th: Headshots & Handshakes
February 27th: Daniel Beaty's EMERGENCY

Empowerment Network: Major Annual Events

January - MLK Week
May - Empowerment Network Unite & Transform Conference
June - Juneteenth in the Village at 24th and Lake
August - Gospel in the Village at 24th and Lake
September - African-American Leadership Conference
December - Christmas in the Village at 24th and Lake
December - State of African-Americans and State of North Omaha Summits

Empowerment Network Community Summits held at various times each year

1. Employment Summit
2. Education Summit
3. Violence Intervention and Prevention Summit
4. Healthy Families Summit
5. Faith Leaders Adopt-A-Block Summit
6. Arts and Culture Summit
7. North Omaha and Neighborhoods Summit
8. Voter Empowerment Summit
9. Church-based Economic Summit