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We have lost too many of our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and community members to gun violence. Please join in our efforts to help save lives and transform our community. Let’s come together to Keep Omaha Safe! Residents deserve a safe and peaceful place to live. Help keep our neighborhoods and community safe!


On Wednesday, September 12, 2012, the Omaha 360 Collaboration and Partners announced the Omaha 360 Challenge. The first part of this challenge will extend from September to December 2012. It builds on five years of work that have produced measurable reductions in gun violence, especially during summer months and the first seven months of the year. Please read the overview and TAKE THE OMAHA 360 CHALLENGE. There is a role for everyone. We have a long way to go, but there's reason for HOPE.

Overall gun assaults in Omaha have decreased by 30% since 2007. We still experience occasional spikes but we're working together on a comprehensive strategy that includes prevention, intervention, enforcement, reentry, support services and employment. It won't happen overnight, but we will continue working together to reduce gun violence in our city.

Following a spike in shootings in January of this year, 2012 has seen a continued reduction in gun assaults. After a relatively quiet spring, May and June produced at least one week of spikes in violence. The first seven months of the year showed a 38% reduction in gun assaults citywide. Since early August, the city has experienced a tragic wave of gun violence as 10 people have been killed. This is unacceptable and we're calling on the community to help us make an even greater impact on reducing gun violence and bringing peace to every zip code in our city.

While the long-term trend is going in the right direction, we still experience these moments of spikes. Recently the World-Herald and Omaha Police Department reported that from January to August, from 2007 to 2012 there has been a 30% reduction in gun assaults. During the months of May to July, the decrease from 2007 to 2012 has been 38% citywide. Preliminary reports also show a 50% decrease in the Northeast Precinct from 2007 to 2012 during the May to July time period. Work is now underway to address spikes that now tend to occur during August/September and November/December. The promise is that we can learn from what we've implemented during the summer and expand those efforts to year round initiatives.

While Omaha is making positive strides in reducing gun violence especially when compared to other urban communities, one life lost to gun violence is one too many. The results over the past five years show that when neighbors and communities get involved with the partnership, we see measurable and dramatic results.

As a part of on-going efforts, we are issuing an Omaha 360 Community Challenge.


Take the Omaha 360 Community Challenge:
September to December 2012

Tell them: “I’m taking the Omaha 360 Community Challenge”

1. Train 36 facilitators on eCPR (Dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and other)
Do Your Part: Contact Alegent Creighton: 402-572-2936

2. Work with 36 families on mediation and conflict resolution process
Do Your Part: Contact Impact One or Center: 402-932-2855, or

3. Connect 36 specific individuals with education and employment
Do Your Part: Contact Impact One or Center: 402-932-2855, or

4. Recruit 36 New Business Partners to help expand Step-Up Omaha: Jobs & Job Training Program
Do Your Part: Contact Step-Up Omaha! 402-502-3763

5. Generate 360 New Neighborhood Association Members
Do Your Part: Contact your neighborhood association or:
North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance 402-457-7848 or
The Neighborhood Center 402-319-5140 or
South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance

6. Identify 36 Churches or faith-based groups to become New Adopt-a-Block/Village Stakeholders
Do Your Part: Contact the Empowerment Network: 402-502-5153

7. Recruit 36 New PrayerWalkers
Do Your Part: Contact First Responders: 402-651-3136

8. Recruit 360 New Mentors
Do Your Part: Contact Midlands Mentoring Partnership: 402-715-4175 or or
Big Brothers Big Sisters: 402-505-3075 or

9. GOAL: 36 New Adopt-A-Class (Pilot Program)
Do Your Part: Contact the Empowerment Network – 402-502-5153

10. GOAL: $36,000 to help Expand the Village Basketball Alliance and Sports League
Do Your Part: Contact the Hope Center: 402-708-9356

Tell them: “I’m taking the Omaha 360 Community Challenge”



Omaha World-Herald Coverage of the 360 Challenge:

Omaha World-Herald Editorial on Gun Violence Trend:

Let's keep working together. We need to intensify our efforts and continue to get more individuals and groups involved. Please continue to encourage neighbors to Step Up and Step Forward! There are many great organizations and efforts that you can get involved with in Omaha.

Everyone has a role to play and we thank all of the groups and individuals that are involved in prevention and intervention. Please check the PARTICIPANTS link to learn more about the organizations that need your support.


If you’re tired of shootings and funerals that result from gun violence, let’s continue to work together to end gun violence! This will not happen overnight, and it will take active community involvement. We’ve lost too many lives to senseless death. Learn more within this Omaha 360 section about how you can get involved.

No More Gun Violence! No More Funerals! No More Shooting! TAKE THE OMAHA 360 CHALLENGE!

MORE Background:
The Omaha 360 initiative was launched in late 2008 and 2009 was the first full year of the collaboration. According to official Omaha Police Department reports, homicides in Omaha were down 31% in 2009, decreasing from 44 to 30. Felony assaults were also down in 2009. Since 2008, there has been a 27% decrease in homicides and 18% decrease in shootings.

After moving in the right direction in 2009, we experienced a spike in shootings and gun assault deaths from February to May of 2010. Since that time, the community intensified efforts and rallied together to keep focusing on reducing gun violence. During the summer months of June and July in North Omaha, shootings were down 40% and homicides were reduced from 8 in 2009 to 1 in 2010. Following the spike in 2010, North Omaha experienced five months without a homicide and recorded a significant decrease in shootings.

2011 and 2012
According to Omaha Police Department reports, homicides in North Omaha were down 40% the first six months of 2011. Felony assaults were also down -25%.

The second half of 2001 did not show great results. The 2011 stats show that homicides increased from 34 in 2010 to 37 in 2011. In some targeted neighborhoods where there was comprehensive collaboration and neighborhood involvement, violence decreased by 50% or higher.